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  2. I turn to Tumblr to get away from reality. It’s as if i have my own little world right here and i love it.

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  3. This is just little old me, smiling cause i deserve too <3 

    This is just little old me, smiling cause i deserve too <3 

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  4. Dear Guys, You want to win over a girl’s heart? Call her beautiful instead of hot or sexy. Try it. It’ll change her view of you. No matter how mad she is, apologize even if it’s not your fault. If you notice something is different with her, ask her whats wrong. If she doesn’t answer just hug her and let her cry on your shoulder. Tell her you’re thankful for having her instead of telling her you “love” her. Remind her that she’s amazing and tell her why every once in a while. Bring up meaningful conversations, and ask her how her day was. Girls love to talk about themselves so give her the opportunity to be the center of the conversation. Lastly, if you really want her to be head over heals for you, write her a poem. No matter how bad it is, she’ll keep it. She’ll reread it over and over again. Love, Me (a desperate romantic).

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  5. When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight, it just won’t feel right, cause I can love you more than this.
    – One Direction

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  6. jaayj:

http://jaayj.tumblr.com/: just chillin :$


    http://jaayj.tumblr.com/: just chillin :$

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